Social media for bars & restaurants

Guest retention and turning a one-time guest into a regular

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Tourists do not use social media

They can't see your message if they don't know who you are

Social media for bars & restaurants does not apply to those who have not yet heard of you.

If you are in a tourist market this is even MORE apparent!  Ask yourself if you have ever found a new place to eat or drink  in Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles or any other city with a large tourist population from Facebook?  Aside from a sponsored (paid) post.  It happens but it’s rare.  For heavy tourist economies I would almost make social media an afterthought.  Focus heavily on Yelp, Tripadvisor and Google.  That’s where your customers are looking.

Social Media Has It's Place

But it aint in attracting strangers

As I mentioned before, social media is nowhere near the top of the most effective approaches when it comes to spreading the word about your brand and business.  If the customer doesn’t already like or follow you on social media, how would they ever see your message?  Social media is awesome for what it is, turning a casual customer into a regular.  Remember this video series is about spreading your message to as many NEW people as possible.

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