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86’d #9 – Todd Collins – When pools and 40’s go wrong

Todd Collins was a huge part of my current success. He was hugely important in helping me define my approach to marketing a restaurant or a bar. Todd recently dropped

86’d #8 – Ryan Bexley – Lessons learned and dollars earned

I talk with my good friend Ryan Bexley about coming up as a country music singer and what paying dues in the music industry is really like. It aint all

86d #7 – Freddy “DJ Circle” Krems – Spraying champagne is NEVER a good idea

DJ Circle is a fixture of Scottsdale nightlife.  He has DJ’d at the area’s biggest and most successful clubs in the state of Arizona.  He explains why pressing “play” and

86d #6 – Robert Thornton – Bath salts and the roots of great music

Robert is the most selfless guy I know. He currently operates 2 different charity groups for special needs kids and the homeless. He also has an appreciation for great music,

86’d#5 – Jim Grieshaber and Melissa Anaya – Inappropriateness works out for the best

Jim is no newbie when it comes to talking into the mic. He has a colorful resume including Sports commentary at Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Promotions, Host/Executive Producer/Creator at Cage

86’d #4 – Kolby Kolibas – We discuss the ironically awesome live music scene in Salt Lake City UT

Kolby Kay is a well-known entrepreneur and small business coach as well as a social media icon.  Kolby has started such companies at The Healthy Primate, Simple Money Methods, and

86’d #3 – Robert Toner –  Drunken Nights and Girl Fights

Robert Toner has a background in nightlife and most of all, being a bouncer and security at a lot of the past hot spots of Scottsdale and Temp AZ.  Robert

86’d #2- Dan Radoff – The guy behind the guy of the movie The Hangover

Dan Radoff has a history with bars and nightclubs in Arizona as a barback, bartender, and even a valet parker and mechanical bull operator.  Dan shares some great stories of

86’d #1 Sean Steimer – Long Hours and Golden Showers