``Think like an owner``

This one is for the server and bartender staff

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Word of Mouth is KING

And a marketing dept. is powerless to influence it

The single most effective tool to drive revenue to a bar or restaurant is word of mouth.  Many factors make up why people either recommend your business or a competitor’s.  Quality of food and friendly service are almost ALWAYS number 1 and 2.  Everything else takes a back seat to these 2 including surprisingly cleanliness, atmosphere and price.

Word of mouth is influenced by the staff entirely.  Staff attitude, friendliness, attentiveness and knowledge will have a HUGE impact on your bottom line.  My goal of this video is to change mindsets and make the staff start working toward the reason why they show up every day -tips!

If I can help increase daily tips, attitudes will go up with them.  When tips DOUBLE, all of the other concerns, issues and headaches will go away.   When the staff is making TWICE what they’re used to making on a typical shift, you bet they’re going to be in better moods and be open to working together.

A failing or struggling business can ALWAYS be saved with a shift in mindset.  On the other end of this coin, a terrible mindset and attitude will always kill a business, it’s just a matter of timing.

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Thank you so much for allowing me to add some value to your day