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Welcome to Hacking Human Nature!  We are honored to help grow your restaurant or bar’s guest counts!  This system is based off of the pie chart of what drives NEW customers in your door.  This is the result of about 5 years of research, gathering statistics, asking the public, creating polls and talking to bartenders and servers about why people go where they go.    This info is going to change your mind about human nature.  This is NOT the same recycled crap you’ve been hearing from the “experts” over the years.  This is not theory.

This is the voice of the public telling US what works for them and how we can optimize those categories.

The polls appearing on these pages are in real time and the numbers will change daily.  This information is given by real people every day including today and tomorrow and is constantly evolving.

Finally instead of “guessing” or “assuming” what the public wants, these polls are a snapshot of EXACTLY what they are asking for in a restaurant or bar.  No more throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.

Public Polls

See what the pubic is telling US!

Here is the poll that this entire program is based on. I’ve posted polls very similar to this one over the last 5 or so years and the results are always the same. This poll, like all of them here, is in REAL time. The results will change daily so there is no such thing as this getting outdated.

First keep in mind what you think the results will be.  Then place your vote to see the results.