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Get found online BEFORE your competitors do!
349 per month

100% MEASURABLE results!!

Get found FIRST on Google,  Siri/ Alexa/ Google assistant, GPS maps in the newest cars and other online resources,  maps and directories.  Optimize how your customers see your business and get as visible as possible online!

A MUST for a tourist based market!

  • Rank at the top of Google results for keywords like “Bars” or “Restaurants” near me.
  • Be among the top results in Siri/ Alexa/ Google assistant and other voice command products.
  • Send “suggested edits” and “Google Local Guide” suggestions to moderation to assure accuracy.
  • Make sure your map pin marker location is accurate on all online maps including Uber and Lyft.
  • Get visible in the GPS systems installed in all new cars.
  • We NEVER lock you into a contract, cancel anytime.

All work is done by Bar Marketing Basics inside the USA.  No outsourcing ever.


Don't allow a one-sided conversation about YOUR business to continue!
349 per month

Ignoring your online reviews is costing you

Nearly 20% of consumers say they won’t frequent small businesses that don’t respond to comments on online reviews.  Chances are you simply don’t have the time.  That’s where we come in.

Don’t let the one-sided conversation continue!

  • We respond on your behalf for ALL reviews on Yelp, Google, Tripadvisor and Facebook.
  • All reviews are signed with your contact info so all issues can be handled in-house.
  • Your fans are thanked and negative reviews are addressed PUBLICLY not privately so the public knows we take concerns seriously.
  • We flag any negative reviews that can potentially be removed because of a terms and conditions violation.
  • Reviews responded to within 72 hours or less to get the best results.
  • Our team coordinates closely with our contact on your end to bring up issues right when they occur.
  • We NEVER lock you into a contract, cancel anytime.


All work is done by Bar Marketing Basics inside the USA.  No outsourcing ever.


Grow your follower list faster than ANY other method!
199 per month

When this service is purchased through Bar Marketing Basics, you get a built-in marketing professional and a Zenreach expert at the same time.  All for the same price as going through Zenreach directly without any of this!

Zenreach allows your customers a free wifi portal that captures their email address upon logging in.  Databases usually grow from 150 new users on the low end to around 350 on the high end PER MONTH!    Let’s see any clunky website newsletter opt-in form do that!

Zenreach then sends out what’s called “smart emails” to each customer individually depending on certain landmarks.

“first time visit”

“repeat customer”

“loyal customer”

“lost customer”

“upcoming birthday”

Using smart emails targets each specific user’s visiting habits and allows you to send out offers or promotions customized to each person who visits your restaurant.   What’s better is because they are not sent as a bulk email blast, they are way less likely to get caught in a spam filter.

Oh yeah, you can also send out email blasts directly from Zenreach without having to export/ import into a different email marketing program.  It’s all done within the Zenreach platform.