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All billing information that is requested is required and by submitting the required information you are giving Bar Marketing Basics approval to bill your credit card or process through your bank via ACH payment for the agreed upon monthly services.

We do not require contracts of any kind.  We simply ask that you give us a 30 day notice if you plan to cancel services at any time.  Thank you!

Restaurants: What to Expect When You Sign Up

Please fill out this from first.  We cannot begin until this info is collected.

Erik or Amy will set up an initial meeting to collect your information. (This may have already been done)

Before we launch your account, please be ready to provide:

  • Basic information about your restaurant, including name, address, phone number, website, email, open hours, payments accepted, social media accounts. (We will get everything we can from your website first).
  • Photos you would like us to use (preferably 10 or more crisp high-res professional photos of food and atmosphere).
  • Your current menus,  in a copy/ pastable format (not an image).
  • All logins (the form to the left).
After the meeting, we will:
  • Match, sync, and lock your listings across our network of over 60 sites and apps. We will also create listings for you if you’re missing from any of our publishers.
  • Push your menus and other content you’d like to add, like photos of your meals or staff, to your listings.
  • Create a map marker on your listings to show diners where to park when they visit you and where Uber and Lyft drivers should drop off and pick up.
  • Link your featured message to a Reservations page. We can also update that featured message anytime, so let Erik or Amy know about any upcoming specials or events you’d like to highlight.
  • Detect and suppress any duplicate listings across our network.
Moving forward, we’ll also show you how diners find your restaurant with our exclusive tracking technology and analytics. That includes:
  • How often you appear in our publishers’ search results
  • How often your listings are viewed
  • How often your featured message is clicked
  • What search terms diners use to find your restaurant
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