Licensing the Bar Marketing Basics business model

Why you need this

Covid 19 showed us what it’s like to have our income stream turned off overnight with zero notice.  Protect yourself from this in the future by having multiple streams of income.  Increase your pay and increase your freedom, all with one basic decision.

What I do and don’t do

Don’t waste your time doing what 99% of restaurant marketers do.  Live outside the realm of opinion and un-measurable results.  Social media is a dead form of effective marketing, learn why.

The Pitch

This is what I offer. How to approach the potential client and who to go after to maximize your conversion rate. Learn how to sell AGAINST the social media zombies.

What is handled on our end

We cover all of the accounting, software fees, legal, and every other aspect of the business that most people don’t want any part of.

What to expect

What will most likely happen once you get started.  I’m there to help walk you through as many pitches as it takes until you are comfortable to be out on your own.  Honesty and integrity is where I got where I did.  Wasting a client’s money is the last thing I would ever do so if you have an honest, authentic approach, you will be wildly successful at this.