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The methods that just do not work

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Most Restaurant Apps

never get downloaded in the first place

I wanted to get this one out of the way and not linger on the weird methods, restaurant apps (except for Yelp of course), obscure social media pages, bloggers, and of course the “new technology used to double restaurant traffic overnight” claims.  There is no “get traffic quick” scheme other than having huge viral media exposure and since that’s the kind of thing we can’t pay for, we have to resort to proven, solid plans to increase traffic through your door.

There Is No Shortcut

Improving guest counts takes hard work. Period.

If some outlandish new approach sound too good to be true…you guessed it.  Keep in mind we are appealing to people who have never heard of you.  They don’t know about your 20 years of experience in the kitchen.  They don’t know how good of an operator you are.  This will come up several times during this training – your staff WILL make or break your business so choose carefully!

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